What We Offer

Updated Jan 2021

ALPA India has successfully completed two years of operations.


ALPA India is a member of IFALPA and stands for welfare of Indian Pilots and is involved in the following schemes for Indian Pilots. 


  1. Benevolent Fund


The scheme is open to all Indian national pilots irrespective of the airlines or country they are flying for. There are no restrictions to Indian pilots with foreign license. Captains and First officers are given same coverage in case of Loss of License due Medical or Death. Annual premium is Rs. 72,000/- for benevolent fund and Rs. 5000/- towards ALPA annual membership. The benevolent fund covers death and loss of license due medical. The coverage is INR 72 Lac in the first year and second year INR 1.44 Cr and maximum of INR 2.1 Cr after continuing in the fund for 3 years or more.

 For enrolling in the benevolent fund, please provide us the last 3 years medical assessments and other necessary documents of any pre-existing medical history.  Pilots with pre-existing medical conditions are NOT excluded from ALPA Membership. however, all pre-existing medical conditions that have led to a medical grounding must be notified to ALPA India at the time of registration. Enrolment to the benevolent fund would be subject to the approval of ALPA Management Committee and Medical Panel.  If you get medically grounded (TMU or PMU)  during the course of your ALPA Membership, it should be intimated to ALPA office.


No Claim : In case of NO CLAIM, all premium paid by a member will be returned without interest at the time of leaving the scheme. After completion of the 10th year or superannuation whichever is earlier a simple interest of 6% will be paid on the premium paid. A member can withdraw from the scheme at any time after completion of three years via mail to ALPA India from his / her registered e-mail id provided to ALPA India.  Such member is entitled to receive his / her entire premium paid to date WITHOUT any interest, after one year of withdrawal from the scheme. 


  1. Medical Insurance


ALPA India has tie ups with major insurance companies for a group medical insurance for members


We have negotiated for the best package available in the market. Please contact our office for further details.


Please enroll online here or contact our office on e-mail < info@alpaindia.org>  

 or  mobile # 6362366974.  


On joining ALPA India you will receive a unique id after scrutiny of your application and its acceptance.

This id will be used for all future references including members opting for the benevolent fund.

Your KYC would have to be updated via the website www.alpaindia.org.

About IFALPA.......

  1. ALPA India is a member associate of IFALPA which represents 100,000 pilots over 100 countries.
  2. IFALPA has a tag line of GLOBAL VOICE OF PILOTS and rightfully so and a cursory glance at their website will show the giant strides they has taken with respect to all aspects affecting pilots the world over.
  3. IFALPA also has a seat on the ICAO.
  4. IFALPA conducts courses that are available to the member associates at concessional rates like accredited accident investigator, certified negotiator, runway safety etc.
  5. ALPA India would directly represent the matters affecting the Indian pilots with DGCA and MOCA.
  6. Brief the media on factual factors on the airline industry and the related incidents.
  7. Provide legal assistance to pilots in both aviation and non-aviation related matters through a panel of senior counsels across the country.
  8. To provide legal assistance internationally through our counsel based in Australia.
  9. ALPA India is in negotiations with various insurers to provide the best Cardiac and Cancer cover at the most economical rates.

Vision 2021


  1. We intend to reach a membership base of 3000 pilots.
  2. We intend to have at least 50 accredited accident investigators and negotiators.
  3. Four regional runway safety teams.
  4. BID for a regional conference in INDIA.

Pilot Welfare:

  1. Provide medical insurance for members and their families.
  2. Cancer and Cardiac cover with direct payout to the member and not to a hospital.
  3. OPD insurance for support staff of pilots.
  4. Medical loans for cosmetic and dental procedures not ordinarily cover by medical insurers.

Should you have any queries please mail us at info@alpaindia.org and one of us will get back to you at the earliest.

We extend a warm welcome our members and to our nonmember fellow aviators, we hope to