ALPA Benevolent Fund

Benevolent Fund Scheme of ALPA INDIA 

These details are only indicative and exact wording and terms will be as per the certificate document issued ALPA. The following is given for broad understanding of members.

Scheme is open to members of ALPA India only.


This Benevolent fund scheme is completely voluntary with no compulsions on when a member can elect to join. The scheme being a benevolent scheme is independent of the number of insurance policies that you hold like FIP, LIC etc. Scheme is open to Indian to Indian national pilots serving in airlines and corporates only, irrespective of which country or Airline they work for.

Fund is managed by the Professional Aviators Trust with two members of ALPA being on the board.


By signing up for the scheme on our website, a member agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the Benevolent fund scheme and ALPA India as are in force and amended for time to time.


All correspondence would mandatorily require the ALPA unique id provided to you at the time of acceptance of your membership.


All premiums must reach ALPA India before the 5th of the month.

The scheme has commenced on 01st Jan 2019.

The cover begins immediately on payment of the first annual premium. 

ALPA India membership is Rs.5000/- annually and must be paid by 5th of Jan every year which includes Rs 3000/- which is paid to IFALPA as a member entity.


The premium for the Benevolent scheme is Rs. 72000/- per annum for Captains and First officers. A Member may choose to have a maximum of two Covers ( subject to committee approval). Single cover is indicated by the White colour and the double cover is indicated by the Blue colour.


The premium may be paid quarterly, half yearly or annually as per your convenience however it must be indicated at the time of joining. Members opting for part payment would be charged a facilitation fee of Rs. 5000/- annually and their cover would begin immediately on realisation of the first instalment.


ALPA India reserves the right to collect additional amounts in case of unforeseen financial emergencies, however all monies so collected also would be returned with 6% simple interest at the time of exiting the scheme.


In the Case of NO CLAIM, All premiums paid by a member will be returned to him/ her at the rime of leaving the scheme at the rate of 6% simple interest per annum. A member may choose to leave the scheme at any time after completion of the 10th year or superannuation whichever is earlier.


The Benevolent scheme covers death and loss of license due medical as follows

• Completion of 1st year 100 times the annual premium.

• Completion of 2nd year 200 times the annual premium.

• Completion of 3rd year and onwards 300 times the annual premium.

For members opting for part payment, the cover starts on first payment itself. However in case of any claims before completion of the year, the remaining payments for the complete year will be deducted before settling the claim.

Death covered by any means with no exclusions. Loss of Licence due medical reasons will follow the exact same format except the compensation provided, shall at no time, exceed the total projected income of the subsequent years of service remaining of the said pilot. Post 60 years, the loss of license e compensation is 1cr nett only.




All claims, complete in all respects, would be processed in 45 days from date of submission of claim to ALPA India office. Compensation paid would be one instalment in 14 days for a member claiming the 1st year, two equal monthly instalments for the member claiming in the 2nd year and three equal monthly instalments for a claimant in the 3rd year onwards.


In addition, the claim form must be signed by two members in good standing with ALPA India.


In case any fraudulent attempt to claim or certify a claim is made, ALPA India would immediately initiate termination of membership and reserves the right to proceed with criminal / civil legal action against the claimant/ certifier.


In case of any issues with completion of forms the office will be at your service to enable the process. Tax liability if any will be borne by the scheme and not the pilot.



All clarifications, issued by mail from the to queries of members, with regard to the benevolent scheme would also become a part of certificate for legal purposes. Legal proceedings if any must be brought about within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Karnataka.

Benevolent fund terminates..

Death of a Member.


Loss of Licence due Medical Reasons.



all payments due to the member being paid.

Membership terminates automatically if premium Payment is not made within the

stipulated time plus grace period of one week.


All delayed payments will be charged Rs. 100/- per day.


Termination under the aforementioned clause would be immediately after the member receives his/ her third warning for non or delayed payment. 

Premium due dates are 

5th of Jan for Annual payments.

5th of Jan and 5th of July for Half yearly payments.

5th of Jan/April/July/October for quarterly payments. 

A terminated member is entitled to receive his entire premium paid to date WITHOUT any interest, after one year of date of termination.


Pilots with Pre-existing medical conditions are NOT excluded from the scheme, however, all pre-existing medical conditions that have led to a medical grounding must be notified to ALPA India.


Membership of the benevolent fund may be terminated by the member after completion of three years, by clearly indication via mail to ALPA India from his /her registered email id provided to AIPA India. If a membership terminated by the member him/herself he member would receive all premiums paid to date WITHOUT any interest. Any change of address, phone number and email ID must be conveyed to ALPA India immediately.