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ALPA Membership

  • Membership of ALPA India is for professional Pilots of Indian origin only.
  • ALPA India membership is subject to approval of the executive committee.
  • ALPA India membership can be continued beyond the age of 65 as well.
  • If accepted, ALPA India will convey acceptance of your membership, to the email id provided by you, in the enrollment form.
  • ALPA India will assign a unique id for each member.
  • In case of no notification from ALPA INDIA by 30 days, you can consider your membership accepted and get in touch with the office for your unique ID.
  • ALPA India reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • Members of Alpa India agree to abide by the rules and regulation of ALPA India, as are inforce and amended form time to time.
  • Membership may be terminated for any reason as mentioned in the Bylaws of the society.
  • Initial membership fees are accepted in cheque only drawn in favor of ALPA INDIA payable at Bengaluru India.
  • Subsequent year’s fees may be paid by Cheque, DD, cash, online transfer or any other electronic format as notified from time to time by ALPA INDIA.
  • Any legal action brought about against ALPA India would be within the jurisdiction of the High court of Karnataka.
  • I certify that all information provided by me to ALPA INDIA are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • I agree to abide by the rules, regulation of ALPA INDIA as are I force and amended for time to time.

Terms and conditions for

Benevolent Fund

Benevolent fund terminates on the

  • Death of a member.
  • Or loss of Licence due Medical reasons. AND all payments due to the member being paid.
  • Membership terminates automatically if premium Payment is not made within the stipulated time. Termination under the aforementioned clause would be immediately after the member receives his third warning for non or delayed payment.
  • Premium due dates are 5 th of every month for monthly payments.
    • 5th of Jan/ April/July/October for quarterly payments.
    • 5th of Jan and 5th of July for Half yearly payments
    • 5th of Jan for Annual payments
  • A terminated member is entitled to receive his entire premium paid to date WITHOUT any interest after one year of termination.
  • Any claim by a member must be supported by two other ALPA members by appending their signature and Licence number on the claim form.
  • Pilots with Preexisting medical conditions are NOT excluded from the scheme however all preexisting medical conditions that have led to a medical grounding must be notified to ALPA India.
  • Critical illness cover is provided separately by the Benevolent fund Scheme.
  • Membership of the benevolent fund may be terminated by the member after completion of three years, by clearly indication via mail to ALPA India from his/her registered email id provided to ALPA India.
  • If a membership terminated by the member him/herself as per clause 9 above, the member would receive all premiums paid to date WITHOUT an interest.
  • All KYC details must be updated as and when requested by ALPA India.
  • Any change of address, phone number and email ID must be conveyed to ALPA India immediately.